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“Everyone loves to get pampered. We'll see to it that your car experiences the same.”

And that's a promise we intend to keep. We're Coimbatore's go-to spot for premium car care. Located in Peelamedu, right next to the famed Haribhavanam, we give vehicles a thorough pampering experience utilising high performance car care products and provide you with outstanding customer service. We're the Exclusive Distributors for CougarShield, the world renowned brand that brings you Titanium Pro, incorporating Nano-Titanium technology, a first in the Indian market. Quality service protection and enhancements utilising innovative products is what you can expect here.

At the helm and driving this premium undertaking is KT Govindarajan, a man with a proven track record of catapulting aftermarket products and services into sought after luxury car care brands internationally. Created for lovers of cars who take great pride in their ownership, Kaytigi in Coimbatore is a haven for those prized possesions to be kept in prime conditions. From simple detailing to sophisticated paint protection by a skilled and trained team, and supported by experienced industry players, we will deliver both service and quality of the highest standards.

Come and experience the Kaytigi touch. Your car will thank you for it.

Unleash the ultimate in paint protection power incorporating Nano-Titanium technology. The Advanced Ceramic Protection is in town.

The CougarShield™ formula uses Titanium as a core material - a metallic element possessing high corrosion resistance and the highest strength-to-density ratio of any metallic element. Flexible with high tensile strength, Titanium provides unparalleled performance and durability in CougarShield™ products.

Nothing will dare to mess with your car.

CougarShield International is headquartered in Singapore, and is renowned for its proprietary Nano Titanium coatings. When applied onto surfaces of automotive or buildings, CougarShield® coatings forms a protective layer that protects and maintains the original condition of the coated surface, provides superb properties such as gloss enhancement, hydrophobic water barrier protection as well as superior hardness, and expansion & contraction adaptability. Water-based and non-toxic, CougarShield’s® unique water-based formulation is also eco-friendly with no negative impact on the environment.

Do the wash that removes germs, viruses and stubborn stains. Both inside and outside.

Good hygiene applies to your car too.

SuperSteam wash gets rid of germs, bacteria and virus and creates a sterile environment both inside and outside your car.

Bikers, you're welcome to come and experience the Kaytigi touch.

Guard your stallion of speed against the harsh elements with the ultimate in protection.

Available now.

To book an appointment, call 8220033055

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